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Timothy DeGroot 
Management, Marketing, and Legal Studies
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Management, Marketing, and Legal Studies
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Dillard College of Business Administration 221 
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Research Interests

Employee Selection, Contextual Job Performance, and Leadership

Teaching Interests


Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Summer I 2011 4613  301  Supervisory Management    Dillard College of Business Administration 131 MTWR 14:30-16:30
Details Spring 2011 5733  280  Leadership & Teamwork    Dillard College of Business Administration 313

T 7:00-9:50pm

Details Spring 2011 4893  201  Internship in Management    Dillard College of Business Administration 
Details Spring 2011 4663  X20  Special Topics MGMT: Compensation    Dillard College of Business Administration 

Online Course

Details Fall 2010 6663  170  Grad Top: Recruit & Selection    Dillard College of Business Administration 177

7:00p - 9:50p

Details Fall 2010 3013  103  Organizational Behavior in Business    Dillard College of Business Administration 133

9:30a - 10:50a

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
University of Florida Ph.D., Human Resource Management  
Florida State University M.B.A., Management  
Florida State University B.S., Finance  

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Zehr's  Retail Department Manager  1978-May  1988-June
 White Glove Service  Small Business Owner  1983-Sep  1987-Nov
  McMaster University  Assistant Professor  1998-Aug  2002-July
  Oklahoma State University  Assistant Professor  2002-Aug  2008-May

Research and Publications

 Refereed Articles 

DeGroot, T., Aime, F., Johnson, S., & Kluemper, D. (in press, 2010).  Does talking the talk help walking the walk? An examination of the effect of vocal attributes in leader performance.   Leadership Quarterly.  

DeGroot, T., Stambaugh, J., & Owen, J. (2009).  An empirical examination of the use of a simulation in teaching Human Resource Management.   Journal of Human Resources Education, 3 (3), 1-12.  

DeGroot, T. & Gooty, J. (2009).  Can nonverbal cues be used to make meaningful personality attributions in employment interviews?   Journal of Business and Psychology, 24, 179-192.  

Kluemper, D., Little, L., & DeGroot, T. (2009).  State or trait: Effects of state optimism on job-related outcomes.   Journal of Organizational Behavior, 30 (2), 209-231.  

Morgan, P. C. & DeGroot, T. (2009).  Stakeholder Perceptions of Web-Based Training.   Journal of Business and Training Education, 18, 52-60.  

DeGroot, T. & Kluemper, D. (2007).  Evidence of predictive and incremental validity of personality factors, vocal attractiveness and the situational interview.   International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 15, 30-39.  

DeGroot, T. G. (2006).  Modeling demand for unionization with nontraditonal data analysis methods.   Social Indicators Research, 79, 275-289.  

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Huffcutt, A., Weekley, J., Wiesner, W., DeGroot, T., & Jones, C. (2001).  Comparison of situational and behavior descripton interview questions for higher-level positions.   Personnel Psychology, 54, 619-644.  

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Burnett, J., Fan, C., Motowidlo, S., & DeGroot, T. (1998).  Interview notes and validity.   Personnel Psychology, 51, 375-396.  

Book Chapters 


Nelson, D. L., Michie, S., & DeGroot, T. (2008). "Emotional expression among leaders.",  In Press, In Cooper and Ashkanasy (Eds.) Research Companion to Emotion in Organizations.  

Presentation of Refereed Papers 


Kluemper, D. & DeGroot, T. (2007, August). An examination of ability-based emotional intellligence and job performance. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Kluemper, D. & DeGroot, T. (2006, August). Criterion-validity of ability-based emotional intelligence: Direct and interaction effects with emotion. Academy of Management, Atlanta, Georgia.

Kluemper, D. & DeGroot, T. (2006, August). Self-report emotional intelligence: Not much more than social desirability and self-concept. Academy of Management, Atlanta, Georgia.

DeGroot, T. (2005, August). Perspectives from Academy Division Webmasters. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Little, L. & DeGroot, T. (2005, August). Affect and job design: A return to an interactional approach. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Pappas, J., DeGroot, T., Flaherty, K., & Kern, D. (2005, August). A meta-analysis to review the effects of organizational control. Academy of Management Annual Meeting, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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DeGroot, T., Kiker, D. S. , & Cross, T. (1996, August). A meta-analysis to review the consequences of charismatic leadership. Academy of Management, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Kluemper, D., Sen, A., & DeGroot, T. (2009). The relative importance of actual versus perceived personality and cognitive traits. Southern Management Association, Asheville, North Carolina.

DeGroot, T., Kluemper, D., Frazier, L., Johnson, P., & Bolton, J. (2006, November). An examination of computerized versus paper-and-pencil data gathering techniques in the assessment of personality, vocal attractiveness, and job performance. Southern Management Association, Clearwater Beach, Florida.

Gooty, J. & DeGroot, T. (2006, April). Are Nonverbal Cues Used to Make Personality Attributions in Interviews. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Dallas, Texas.

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