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Dr. Michael A. Vandehey 
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O'Donohoe Hall 112 
Voice: (940) 397-4026
Fax: (940) 397-4682

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Career Counseling and Testing

Child and Adolescent Clinical Psychology and Testing

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Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2013 6113  101  Individual Psychotherapy    Prothro-Yeager Hall OD 110
Details Fall 2013 3603  101  Abnormal Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101
Details Fall 2013 1103  105  General Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 102
Details Fall 2013 1103  1H1  General Psychology Honors    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101
Details Fall 2012 6133  101  Marriage and Family Therapy    O'Donohoe Hall 110

Class Time: 2:00-3:20 TR


Tentative Reading and Exam Schedule


Days of Class              Reading Assignment    Gold=Goldenberg & Goldenberg


                                                                        Price=Price, Price & McKenry


8/28-8/30:                    Semester Overview/Course Requirements

Intro to family systems


9/3                               Labor day, no classes


9/4-9/6:                        Intro to genograms



9/11-9/13                     Gold Chapter 2: Family Development: Continuity and Change

                                    Price: none


9/11-9/13                     Gold Chapter 3: Gender, Culture, and Ethnicity in Family Functioning

                                    Price: student choice


9/18-9/20                     Gold Chapter 4: Interlocking Systems: The Individual, The Family, and The Community

                                    Price: student choice


9/25-9/27                     Gold Chapter 8: Transgenerational Models

                                    Price: student choice


8/28-9/25                     Mc = Chapter 1-Chapter 9 (read as fast as you can)


9/27:                            Family Interview & Genogram Due


10/1                             Last day for December graduates to file


10/2-10/4                     Gold Chapter 9: Experiential Model

                                    Price: student choice


10/8                             Last day for May graduates to file


10/9-10/11                   Gold Chapter 10: Structural Model

                                    Price: student choice


10/16-10/18                 Gold Chapter 11: Strategic Models

Price: student choice


10/22                           Last day for “W”


10/23-10/25                 Gold Chapter 12: Behavioral and Cognitive-Behavioral Models

                                    Price: student choice


10/30-11/1                   Gold Chapter 13: Solution-Focused Therapy and Collaborative Therapy

                                    Price: student choice



11/6-11/8                     Gold Chapter 14: Narrative Therapy

                                    Price: student choice


11/13-11/15                 Gold Chapter 15: Psycho-educational Models

                                    Price: student choice


11/20:                          Example of a family presentation, genogram, and case



11/21-25                      Thanksgiving break, no classes


11/27-12/6:                  Student Genogram Presentations


*If needed, we will meet during finals week to complete student presentations: Time/Date is TBA and will be scheduled around graduate students other finals.


Details Fall 2012 1433  1H1  Honors introductory Seminar    Dillard College of Business Administration 317

Date                Speaker/Topic


Miller = “Finding Darwin’s God: A Scientist’s Search for Common Ground Between God and Evolution”


8/27-8/31         Introduction to each other, the Introductory Seminar, and the Honors Program

Honors Program and Intro Seminar Issues, Time Management

MBTI inventory

Miller Chapter 1


9/3                   Labor Day-No class (a good day to read your textbooks)


9/5-9/7                         Choosing topics for papers and presentations

                        Writing hints and Plagiarism

                        What is a reflection?

                        Miller Chapter 2


9/10-9/14         Ed Schultz-Religion in School, & Texas Politics: A Comparison and Critical Analysis of the 2012

Democrat and Republican Platforms                

                        Miller Chapter 3


9/17-9/21         Mike Collins-Darwinism, both Scientific and Social, in America after 1859 with possible discussion of

The Scopes Trial in 1925

                        Miller Chapter 4


9/24                 Class discussion     9/28          : Reflections #1 due


9/26-9/28         MBTI verification and validation

Understanding MBTI

MBTI exercises

Miller Chapter 5


10/1-10/5         Jeff Blacklock-School Prayer-An Evolution of the Separation of Church and State in the United States    

                        Miller Chapter 6


10/8                 Class discussion     10/12: Reflections #2 due


10/10-10/12     Library Week-Meet in the Atrium by the Honors Program Lounge

                        Miller Chapter 7


10/15               Term paper prospectus due


10/15-10/19     Linda Veazey-Court Battles over the Teaching of Creation science vs. Evolution in Schools 

                        Miller Chapter 8


10/22-10/26     Kirsten Lodge-The Western Perception of Animals from Antiquity to the Present

                        Miller Chapter 9


10/29               Class discussion     11/2: Reflections #3 due


10/31-11/2       Oral Presentation issues: Do’s and Don’ts; Library time



11/5-11/9         Candice Fulton- From  Magic to Chemistry,  Experimental Trials and Tribulations of Famous Religious

Scientists, and Science - a Study Tool, not an Explanation nor a Replacement for Faith (1 topic per



11/12-11/16     Jeff Stambaugh-The birth, Growth, Maturity, and Decline (Death?) of Research in Motion               


11/16 Oral presentation abstract due


11/19              Class discussion     11/26: Reflections #4 due


11/21-11/23     Thanksgiving-No Class


11/26-11/30     Student Presentations week 1              


12/3                 Term paper due


12/3-12/7         Student Presentations week 2

Details Fall 2012 1103  1H1  General Psychology    O'Donohoe Hall 101

Class Time: TR 11:00-12:20

Details Fall 2011 5213  101  Theories of Counseling    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101

See attached syllabus below.

Details Fall 2011 3303  102  Writing in Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101

See attached syllabus below.

Details Fall 2011 1103  1H1  General Psychology: Honors    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101

See attached syllabus below.

Details Spring 2011 6103  201  Career Assessment and Counseling    Prothro-Yeager Hall OD 110

Professor: Michael A. Vandehey, Ph.D.                                 Office: O’donohoe 112

Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:55; TR 8:30-10:25                    Phone: 397-4026

Class Time: W 1:30-4:30 p.m.                                     Location: OD 110

Details Spring 2011 3303  101  Writing in Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall PY 101

Professor: Michael A. Vandehey, Ph.D.                                  Office: O’donohoe 112

Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:55; TR 8:30-10:25        Phone: 397-4026

Class Time: TR 12:30-1:50                                          Location: PY 101

Details Spring 2011 1103  204  General Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall PY101

Professor: Michael A. Vandehey, Ph.D.                                  Office: O’donohoe 112

Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:55; TR 8:30-10:25        Phone: 397-4026

Class Time: 11:00-11:50 MWF                                                Location: PY 101

Details Fall 2010 6133  101  Marriage and Family Therapy    Prothro-Yeager Hall 110

See attached syllabus below.

Details Fall 2010 3303  101  Writing in Psychology    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101

See attached syllabus below.

Details Fall 2010 1103  1H1  General Psychology: Honors    Prothro-Yeager Hall 101
See attached Syllabus Below.

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
Indiana State University M.S. Aug 11 1995 12:00AM 
Indiana State University Ph.D. Aug 13 1999 12:00AM 
Univserisity of Oregon B. A. Mar 21 1992 12:00AM 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Iowa State University  Psychology Intern  August 1998  July 1999
 Midwestern State University  Professor of Psychology  August 1999  Present

Research and Publications

Marsh, C. M., & Vandehey, M. A., & Diekhoff, G. M. (2008). The Predictive Power of an Introductory Class in Determining Academic Success. Journal of General Education, 57(4), 244-255. 

Peden, J., Stiles, B. L., Vandehey, M. A., & Diekhoff, G. (2008).  The Effects of External Pressures and Competitiveness on Characteristics of Eating Disorders and Body Dissatisfaction. Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 32(4), 415-429. 

Vandehey, M.A., Diekhoff, G. M., & LaBeff, E. E. (2007). College cheating: A twenty-year follow-up and the addition of an honor code. Journal of College Student Development, 48, 468-480. 

Andersen, P., & Vandehey, M. A. (2006). Career counseling and development in a global economy. Boston: Lahaska Press/Houghton Mifflin. 

Vandehey, M. A., Marsh, C. M., & Diekhoff, G. M. (2005). Providing students with instructors’ notes: Barriers to the practical application of previous research. Teaching of Psychology, 32(1),49-52.

Vandehey, M. A., Shuff, I. M., and Diekhoff, G. M. (2003). Stage of HIV-infection and embeddedness within social support networks. Journal of HIV/AIDS and Social Services, 2(2), 21-40. 

Kennedy, T., Vandehey, M. A., Norman, W. B., & Diekhoff, G. M. (2003). Recommendations for risk management practices. Journal of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 34(3), 309-311.

Vandehey, M. A. & Shuff, I. M. (2001). HIV-infection and stage of illness: A comparison of family, friend, and professional social support providers over a two-year period. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 11, 2217-2229.