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Sandra Shawver 
Counseling, Kinesiology & Special Education
 » Instructor (Kinesiology)
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Ferguson Hall 301 
Voice: (940) 397-4941

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Travel, Geocaching, outdoor and indoor sports and recreation activities

Course Information

  Semester Course #    Section Course Name Location Days / Times
Details Fall 2013 KNES 3203  101  Programming Fitness/Leisure Activities    Ferguson Hall 303

9:30 - 10:50 Tuesday/Thursday

Education Background

Institution Degree    Graduation Date
Ball State University Bachelor of Science 2013-16-1983 0:0:0 
Springfield College Masters of Education May 12 1990 12:00AM 

Employment Background

Institution Position Start Date / End Date
 Grand Prairie YMCA  Associate Executive Director  06/08/1999  08/16/2001
 Wichita Falls Metropolitan YMCA - Child Care Branch  Branch Director  08/24/2001  2003-08-05
 Wichita Falls Metropolitan YMCA  CEO  2003-08-16  2007-08-11
 Southside Youth Senter  Executive Director  2007-10-17  2009-08-22
 Midwestern State University  Instructor  2009-08-16  

Research and Publications

How is the National Senior Games Association utilizing social media to market local, state and national events. How is the organization engaging participants through social media