Student Government Association

Student Government Association

The student-led governing bodies at different institutions vary according to size, structure, and authority. The Student Government at Midwestern State University is composed of the Student Body (all active students). That means that every student is automatically a member of the Student Government and is entitled to: attend meetings, write and submit resolutions and bills, and voted into or be appointed to Student Government positions.

Within the Student Government lies the Student Senate, where all of the action takes place. Note that not every student is automatically in the Student Senate. The Student Senate is composed of Student Senators and the Student Government Executive Board (President of the Student Body, the Vice President of the Student Body, and Secretary of the Student Body). This means that although the Student Body has all of the rights listed above, in order to be able to vote on resolutions and bills, a student must be a member of the Student Senate; in other words, the student must be a Senator.

There are two types of Senators: Organization Senators and Class Senators. Each official campus organization or club has one senator, and each class (i.e. Freshman, Sophomore etc.) has two senators. Organization Senators represent their respective organization (for example, the Caribbean Students Organization will choose one of their members to serve as their representative in the Student Senate), while Class Senators campaign for the position to represent their class in the Senate and are voted in by their peers (the people in their respective academic class year).

The job of the Senators is to speak and vote on behalf of their respective constituents (their organization or their class), while the purpose of the Executive Board is to orchestrate the entire vehicle of Student Government. This system of representative student government is designed to ensure that all students are represented if not according to their interests and activities (such as clubs are represented by their Organization Senator) but also by their class year (as all students have representatives for their class year).

These representatives meet in the Student Senate meeting twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays. Meetings begin at 7:00pm in Bolin 100. The Student Senate addresses student interests and problems in a legislative matter. Issues are talked about, and then if the issue warrants action, then a resolution will be drafted and approved, and then a bill will be drafted and voted upon.


Student Government does many things for the betterment of the Student Body every year. Some worthy accomplishments from previous years include:

• Establishing the current Bruce and Graciela Redwine Student Wellness Center and Vinson Health Center, some of the nicest recreational facilities in the country for an institution the size of MSU through the passage of a student referendum creating a Health and Recreation fee.

• Hired a full-time physician on campus in the Vinson Health Center through the establishment of the campus Medical Services Fee.

• Created the Student Honor Creed to demonstrate the student body’s commitment to academic integrity and the values of a scholarly community.

• Renamed the former street "West Campus Drive" to "Louis J. Rodriguez Drive" in honor of Dr. Rodriquez’s service to the university as President from and his unwavering support for and presence amongst the students, Extended the hours of the Moffett Library during Finals Week.

• Initiated the Student Athletic Fee to support the evolution of Midwestern State University’s NCAA Division II athletic program as the dominant institution in the Lone Star Conference and one of the best in the entire nation as a model for college athletics and gender equity.