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Working at Midwestern State University is a team effort. Every job requires that we help one another to best serve our students. There are times when someone goes the extra mile, helps make your job a little easier, or does something they just didn’t have to do.

Now you can recognize a fellow colleague for making a difference at MSU! Click the link to tell us about who made your day and we’ll recognize them by posting accolades below, sending the recipient an email and certificate, as well as pass your praise on to the supervisor.


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August 2014


Lisa Butler
Print Shop
On multiple occasions Lisa has assisted with layout and production of some of our department's more complicated print jobs. No matter the call, email, or in person meeting I have with Lisa, she is always willing to help and makes the printing process just a little bit easier. She has also been amazing at making sure we get the jobs completed in time, even with only a few days notice. Without her assistance and feedback this year, I am sure some of our programs or promotions would have suffered in either quality or delivery. Thank you!

-- Kevin Bazner --