You Make A Difference



Working at Midwestern State University is a team effort. Every job requires that we help one another to best serve our students. There are times when someone goes the extra mile, helps make your job a little easier, or does something they just didn’t have to do.

Now you can recognize a fellow colleague for making a difference at MSU! Click the link to tell us about who made your day and we’ll recognize them by posting accolades below, sending the recipient an email and certificate, as well as pass your praise on to the supervisor.


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June 2014


Edward Mark
Facilities Services

He is an excellent asset to the custodial department because whenever you need something he's there, excellent work ethic always there to lend a hand.

-- Cindy Richards --



Bruce Looney
Facilities Services

Bruce is a leader, who you can count on to be there and to get what you need when you need it. Bruce also has a since of humor but is stern, he listens and Bruce makes a big difference.

-- Cindy Richards --



Joey Greenwood & Armando Muniz
Recreational Sports & Wellness / Facilities Services

The aquatics area at the Student Wellness Center remains open despite the city of Wichita Falls being in Stage 5 drought conditions. This would not be possible without the problem solving, persistence, ingenuity, and hard work of these two individuals and their teams. No swimming pool may be filled or re-filled with city water due to the drought, and non-residential pools can only be filled with water tested and cleared by TCEQ. Dr. Greenwood and Mr. Muniz were succesffuly able to track down the only vendor in the Wichita Falls area who could supply the necessary water. In addition they had to identify and procure hoses and equipment to transfer the water into the pool reservoir. Without their efforts, our aquatics area at MSU would be closed and a precious aspect of our summer wellness programs would cease to exist.

-- Matthew Park --


Michael Mills
Housing and Dining Services
Michael works very hard at making certain all of students have a place to live even when we are running out of rooms on campus. I have known Michael since he was a student and MSU Student Government President. His work ethic is impeccable.