Staff Senate Photos



Your 2012-2013 Staff Senate
Front Row::  Lynn Sosebee, Marilyn Brown, Lucy Davis, Michael Mills (Parliamentarian), Reagan Foster, Ernest Cooper
Back Row:  Peggy Brennan (Secretary/Treasurer), Dawn Fisher, Gayla Aldrich, Sue Witherspoon, Dirk Welch (Chairperson),
Chris Stovall (Vice Chairperson), Jamie Fowler, Mike Deming 
 Not Pictured:   Jermaine Causey and Patricia Lowry




Your 2011-2012 Staff Senate
Seated:  Devah Scholl, Peggy Brennan (Secretary/Treasurer), Jolene Welch (Chairperson), Lori Case, Patricia Lowry, Matt Park (Vice-Chairperson)
Standing:  Juan Ibara (Parliamentarian), Dirk Welch, Lucy Davis, Jeana Brunson, Mike Deming, Frances Miller, Ernest Cooper 
 Not Pictured:   Doug Allison, Edward Mark, Marilyn Brown



Your 2010-2011 Staff Senate
Front Row:  Lori Case, Camille Smith, Jeana Brunson, Jolene Welch
Middle Row:  Juan Ibarra, Parliamentarian: Linda Knox, Vice-Chairperson: Treva CliftonSecretary/Treasurer:  Dr. Pam Midgett
Back Row:  Edward Mark, Matthew Park, Joe Mrugalski Jr.  Chairperson: Chirs Gore
Not Pictured:   Gregory Williams, Doug Allison, Doug Collins, Francis Miller & Gary Neal


Your 2009-2010 Staff Senate
Front Row:  Camille Smith & Sharon Johnson
Middle Row:  Frances Miller, Parliamentarian: Lori Case, Vice-Chairperson: Treva Clifton, Linda Knox, Dr. Pam Midgett
Back Row:  Chairperson: Chris Gore, Dr. Pamela Morgan, Marcus Hill, Joe Mrugalski Jr.
Not Pictured:   Chris Stovall, Secretary/Treasurer:  Gregory Williams, Ron Hall, Stephen Fisher, Gary Neal & Doug Collins


Your 2008-2009 Staff Senate
Front Row:  Parliamentarian: Lori Case, Vice-Chairperson: Barbara Merkle, Treva Clifton,
Secretary/Treasurer: Dottie Westbrook & Sharon Johnson
Middle Row:  Dr. Pamela Morgan, Marcus Hill, Linda Knox, Mike Deming, Frances Miller & Ernest Cooper
Back Row:  Chris Stovall & Joe Mrugalski Jr.
Not Pictured:  Chairperson: Chris Gore, Doug Collins & Daniel Lopez

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