Personal Counseling
Therapists at the Counseling Center can assist students with a variety of personal problems which include, but are not limited to:

                                   -depression                      -alcohol and drug abuse
                                   -anxiety and stress            -feelings of inadequacy
                                   -grief and loss                   -assertiveness
                                   -eating disorder                 -communication skills
                                   -abuse                             -marriage and family issues
                                   -loneliness                        -homesickness
                                   -relationship issues             -information and referral

If a student requests, he/she may bring his/her family member for marriage or family therapy The enrolled student must be present in these sessions

Group Counseling
The Counseling Center offers different groups each semester Typically, groups focus on topics such as men's and women's issues, friendship building, and drug and alcohol issues Group counseling can provide students who are dealing with certain issues a safe and supportive environment to practice new skills and to relate with others who share similar concerns You may contact the Counseling Center at any time and ask about what dates and times are currently available for group counseling.

Career Counseling
Therapists at the Counseling Center can help students who are struggling with career indecision Upon graduation, students will be likely to experience success if they are in employment that is well suited to their personality traits, interests, and values Students participating in career counseling typically attend four one-hour long sessions over the course of several weeks

Academic Counseling
Academic counseling is offered by therapists at the Counseling Center for students who are experiencing academic difficulties which may include, but are not limited to:

                                   -test anxiety
                                   -stress management
                                   -attention and concentration problems
                                   -study skills
                                   -time management
                                   -test taking skills

Scholastic Support Program
The Scholastic Support Program is a comprehensive, individual program designed to assist students in maintaining or achieving academic progress The program combines study skills and assessments, grade point average projections, grade checks throughout the semester, and individual academic counseling The goal of this program is to help students attain a maximum level of success in their educational pursuits While some students are required to attend the Scholastic Support Program, any enrolled student can take advantage of this program to help him/her achieve educational goals.