Transfer Procedures

When a student attending another institution in the U.S. is admitted to Midwestern State University:

Ш      The student should have received a letter of admission from the International Office and a Transfer Form letter.  This letter is to be completed by the International Student Advisor at the previous institution indicating that the student has maintained full-time status and completed all finanical obligations. This letter should be returned to the International Office at MSU by the student or by the International Student Advisor of the previous institution.


Ш      The student should work with the previous institution to set a SEVIS Transfer Release date.


Ш      Students must present current valid financial documentation in order to obtain their transfer Form I20. This transfer to Midwestern State University must be processed a within 15 days of the beginning of classes. Students who fail to apply for a transfer Form I-20 within 15 days of the first day of classes are considered to be out of status and must apply for reinstatement.


Ш      Students who have been "out of status" at their previous institution must apply for a reinstatement to student status through USCIS.

MSU students who wish to transfer to another university in the U.S. should submit a "transfer release letter" and a copy of their acceptance letter from that univerity to the Office of International Services in order to complete the transfer of their SEVIS record information.   

Click the link if you would like to view or print a copy of the Transfer Form.