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Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction

Mission Statement

The Curriculum and Instruction program at West College of Education is committed to faculty and student participation in scholarly discourse on all issues related to teaching and learning and to exploring the relationship between theory and practice in a variety of educational contexts. The faculty value life-long learning, community, collaboration, diversity, inquiry, and reflection.

Toward this end, we are committed to enhancing the ability of professional educators to meet the needs of a changing society by providing an innovative, logically organized program of educational experiences that are framed by a coherent core of research and foundational knowledge and that model exemplary teaching strategies grounded in inquiry and reflective practice. The faculty are also committed to active engagement in scholarship, service, and outreach while seeking opportunities to examine and integrate diverse educational perspectives through university, community, and statewide collaboration.

The Master of Education degree with a major in curriculum and instruction is designed to develop professional skills and knowledge. The graduate program requires 36 semester hours and is a non-thesis program. Candidates are required to conduct an action research project and to write a formal report of that research to be approved by their graduate committee.

Comprehensive Written Examination: All candidates must successfully complete a comprehensive written examination. Candidates become eligible to take the comprehensive written examination when they have completed all required course work successfully or during the semester in which they will complete their course work (with the approval of the student's graduate committee). Candidates must complete the examination in the manner, on the date, and at the place specified by the college. Comprehensive written examinations will be offered each April, August, and November. Candidates have two attempts to successfully complete the comprehensive written exam.

The comprehensive written examination consists of 4 (essay) questions supplied by the candidate's graduate committee. These questions are drawn from the essential content of the candidate's degree program. Candidates are allowed 4 hours to complete the examination. Exams will be reviewed by the candidate's graduate committee and marked as either pass or fail. In the event of a failed exam, the candidate will receive detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement from the graduate committee.

Course Requirements

  • EDUC 5053 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 5623 Mentoring
  • EDUC 5633 Curriculum Theory and Practice
  • EDUC 6013 Trends and Issues in Learning and Teaching
  • EDUC 6753 Applied Research
  • ETEC 5133 Technology Integration*

*Basic computer application skills and permission of instructor required.

Option I
Resource Area: 6 hours of electives that provide support for teaching as approved by the program coordinator or EDLE 5676, School Change and Reform.

Minor*: 12 graduate hours from: Biology, Early Childhood Education, English, English as a Second Language, Gifted and Talented, History, Kinesiology, Mathematics, Political Science, or Reading.

Option II
Minor*: 18 hours of a field taught in the public schools: Biology, English, History, Kinesiology, Master Mathematics Teacher, Mathematics, Political Science, Teacher Leadership, or Training and Development.

*See Minors and Teaching Endorsements section for prescribed courses. Mathematics minor requires 18 hours approved by chair. Students desiring a Master Mathematics Teaching certificate take the courses listed on page 92.

Graduate Initial Teacher Certification

The Master of Education degree with a major in secondary education is designed to build professional skills and knowledge for the secondary classroom teacher. The Graduate Initial Teacher Certification is designed for persons who have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. All candidates must meet University and West College of Education admission standards.

Admission to the Teacher Certification Program:

  • The Teacher Education Committee expects all teacher education students to be above average scholars; therefore, to be considered for admission to the Teacher Certifciation Program, the applicant must have:
  • an application on file (forms available in Education Office)
  • three letters of recommendation (forms available in Education Office)
  • satisfactory scores on the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA), or on last sixty hours taken
  • cumulative undergraduate grade point average of 2.75, or at least a 2.75 GPA on last sixty hours taken
  • a grade point average of 2.5 in freshman English (excluding any development courses) with a minimum of 6 hours completed at the time of admission

Persons who plan to pursue a master's degree must be admitted as a graduate degree-seeking student by the completion of their ninth graduate hour.

Core Requirements for Initial Teacher Certification:

  • EDUC 5223 Planning for Teaching
  • EDUC 6023 Learning and Assessment
  • EDUC 6033 Classroom Management
  • EDUC 6063 Induction to Teaching
  • EDUC 6073 Practicum in Teaching
  • READ 5173 Fundamentals of Secondary Reading Instruction
  • SPED 5013 Exceptional Individuals

Additional courses required for M.Ed.:

  • EDUC 5053 Introduction to Educational Research
  • EDUC 6753 Applied Research
  • 3 hours from:
    • ETEC 5123 Instructional Technology Design
    • ETEC 5133 Technology Integration
    • ETEC 5143 Multimedia Development I
  • 6 hours resource elective for secondary certification


MASTER MATHEMATICS TEACHER PROGRAM (Grades 4-8): Completion of the following courses in mathematics education enables students holding a valid Texas teaching certificate to apply for professional certification as a Master Mathematics Teacher (Grades 4-8) upon satisfactory completion of the state-mandated TExES requirement.

  • MATH 5363 Topics in Mathematics Education
  • MATH 5453 Theory of Numbers
  • MATH 5473 Geometry for Teachers
  • MATH 5483 History of Mathematics
  • MATH 5493 Probability and Statistics for Teachers
  • 3 Semester Hours- Approved Graduate Math Course


  • READ 6213 Foundations of Reading
  • READ 6273 Diagnostic Reading Procedures
  • READ 6283 Practicum in Reading
  • SPED 5813 Reading for Disabled Readers


  • EDLE 5603 Introduction to Leadership
  • EDUC 5423 Innovative Curriculum Design and Differentiation
  • EDUC 6023 Learning and Assessment
  • READ 6293 Content Reading
Plus: Six (6) hours of electives that provide support for teaching as approved by the program coordinator or EDLE 5676. School Change and Reform.


  • EDUC 5513 Introduction to Training and Development
  • EDUC 5523 Trends and Issues in Training and Development
  • EDUC 5533 Instructional Strategies for Adult Learners
  • EDUC 5543 Instructional Systems Design
  • EDUC 5583 Internship in Training and Development
  • ETEC 5143 Multimedia Development I


Teaching Endorsements

ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE (ESL): This endorsement may be added to any valid Texas elementary, secondary, or all-level certificate. Students may substitute one year of successful classroom teaching experience in an approved program for practicum. Twelve hours plus practicum or experience are required.
  • EDUC 5843 Language Acquisition and Development
  • EDUC 5853 Second Language Learning
  • EDUC 5863 Reading and Language Arts for ESL
  • EDUC 5873 Methods and Materials for ESL
  • EDUC 5883 Practicum in ESL

GIFTED AND TALENTED: This endorsement may be added to any valid Texas elementary, secondary, or all-level teaching certificate. Students may substitute two years of successful classroom teaching in an approved program for practicum. Twelve hours plus practicum or experience are required.

  • EDUC 5413 Characteristics and Needs of Gifted Students
  • EDUC 5423 Innovative Curriculum Design and Differentiation
  • EDUC 5443 Teaching Critical Thinking Skills
  • EDUC 5453 Developing Creativity
  • EDUC 5483 Practicum in Teaching Gifted/Talented