RN-BSN Admission Criteria

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Students are admitted to the RN-BSN program throughout the year.


Application deadlines for the RN to BSN Program:
Spring admission: December 15
Summer admission: May 15
Fall admission: August 15

Admission Criteria

  • Applicants must hold licensure as a Registered Nurse (Texas or designated State)
  • You must complete an application for admission to the BSN program
  • You must have, or be qualified for, full admission to Midwestern State University. Complete information regarding application deadlines and requirements can be found the Admissions web page.
  • You must complete the following courses prior to enrolling in NURS 3203 and NURS 3612/11:
Anatomy & Physiology I and II 
Chemistry (3 hours) 


  • Provide documentation of the following prior to enrollment in clinical courses:
    • professional liability insurance;
    • completion of physical examination;
    • compliance with State or program mandated immunizations;
    • current licensure (GNs may enroll in one semester of nursing courses with the stipulation that they must pass the NCLEX-RN prior to completion of the course.  If they do not pass NCLEX, no further progression in the RN to BSN program will be permitted until successful completion of NCLEX is accomplished.);
    • American Heart Healthcare Provider CPR;
    • criminal background check; and
    • ten panel urine drug screen.