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Faculty Developmental Leave

Faculty Developmental Leave is not being offered at this time. 


The general guidelines and process are detailed below, as are the necessary forms. 

Tenured faculty members with (1) at least six years of full-time service to MSU and (2) at least six years of full-time service since their last development leave, as long as they have submitted the required Developmental Leave Report(s) in a timely manner, are eligible.  The full-time service may include teaching and other duties.  University Research Committee members are not eligible to apply for a development leave during their tenure on this committee.

Applicants may request developmental leaves to engage in study, research, writing, and similar projects for the purpose of adding to the knowledge available to themselves, their students, the University, and society generally.  Developmental leaves are not available to support completion of an advanced degree.

Faculty Development Leaves for one academic year are granted for half of the recipient’s regular salary; leaves for one-half academic year (4.5 months) are granted at the recipient’s full salary.  No paid leaves are authorized for summer sessions.