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1314 Scholarship

Scholarship Notification: Accept / Decline

To ACCEPT / DECLINE your awards: 

  1. Please access MSU's Portal (or  myMWSU). NOTE: myMWSU offers valuable instructions to help you navigate through the MSU Portal and WebWorld. 
  1. Once at myMWSU, you may login to the ‘Portal Login’ (using your Username and Password) then click on ‘Take Me to Banner WebWorld’; now proceed to #3 below.


Once at myMWSU, see “Menu” then scroll down and click on “Webworld” ; you must enter your Mustangs ID and PIN Number (please refer to the following) then proceed to #3 below:

Your Mustangs ID  is indicated at the TOP of your email/letter.
Your PIN Number will be your birthdate (mmddyy) and you will be required to change it before you can proceed; your PIN Number must be a 6-digit number of significance to you (please do NOT include alpha characters in your PIN for optimum performance.) If you have previously logged into WebWorld and, therefore, have already updated your PIN, please use the updated PIN Number to view this additional information. 

  1. Now click on ‘Financial Aid’;  then click on ‘Award’;  then click on ‘Accept Award Offer’; then click on ‘Award for Aid Year’.  Now be sure ‘Select Aid Year’ is for the 2013-2014 Award Year and click ‘Submit’. Now click on the ‘Accept Award Offer’ tab. YOU are now able to view and ACCEPT the awards you are eligible to receive for the Fall 2013 and/or Spring 2014 semesters.

NOTE: to access the SHOPPING SHEET: click on ‘Financial Aid’; then click on ‘Federal Shopping Sheet’.
(see information below regarding the SHOPPING SHEET) 

  1. IMPORTANT:  YOU, the student, must accept your SCHOLARSHIP awards, if you have not already done so; you may accept the full award by selecting ‘Accept Full Amount of All Awards’ OR you may accept a partial amount by selecting ‘Accept’ and enter the amount in the ‘Accept Partial Amount’ field. Otherwise, you may DECLINE your awards.  

Also, you can view your billing statement or check the status of your refund check after your award(s) has disbursed to your MSU account; simply click on ‘Student’ then ‘Student Account’ then ‘Account Summary’ after you have logged onto WebWorld. And you may wish to view the current tuition/fee and room/board expenses for the upcoming enrollment period(s). 

  1. ALSO IMPORTANT! As you ACCEPT your awards, scroll down to the tool bar at the bottom of the page then click on ‘Award Messages’. Please pay special attention to the AWARD MESSAGES associated with your award(s), IF ANY, as you may be required to maintain a specific grade point average (gpa) or completion rate in order to continue to receive your award(s). 

NOTE: As you ACCEPT your awards, pay special attention to any "Important Financial Aid Messages" as they may explain an adjustment(s) that was made to your awards, special instructions for a specific award, etc....

NEW for Fall 2013-Spring 2014: YOU, the student, MUST accept your scholarship awards via WebWorld; in prior years, scholarship awards were auto-accepted for you, however, YOU are now required to accept these 2013-14 awards, if you have not already done so, as they will no longer be auto-accepted (with the exception of the Pell Grant and Athletic Scholarships, if eligible). For more details, please refer to #4 and #5 above.

  • Please know that one or more of your scholarship award(s) MAY already reflect an ‘Accepted’ status in WebWorld if you previously returned your acceptance notification to the MSU Admissions Office and/or your Department of study, such as MSU History Department, Math/Science Department, etc.... 

 NEW for Fall 2013-Spring 2014: we are pleased to provide the Federal Shopping Sheet which is designed to simplify information for you with regards to MSU’s Cost of Attendance, type and amount of aid awarded to you, your out-of-pocket expenses, other financial aid options you may wish to investigate and MSU statistical information, such as MSU's graduation rate and median borrowing. 

  • Please know however that much of the information on the Shopping Sheet is incomplete as you have not submitted the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (available at and/or you are not currently receiving grants or loans.  To access the Shopping Sheet, please refer to #3 above.

If you prefer to have financial aid notifications (missing information, award notices, etc..) sent to you via PAPER delivery, in lieu of electronic means such as emails, phone/text messages, etc, please click here to OPT-OUT of electronic delivery of your financial aid notifications. And Eureca is an excellent way for Undergraduate students to participate in exciting and creative Research endeavors. Read more about it here!