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Student Traffic Appeals

A student wishing to appeal a traffic citation must submit a completed Student Traffic Appeal Form from the Clark Student Information Center or Dean of Students Office within seventeen (17) calendar days of the date the citation was issued, along with a typed statement as to why you feel the citation should be upheld. THE OWNER OF THE VEHICLE MUST SUBMIT THE APPEAL FORM.

When submitting a traffic appeal, the student must have the original ticket or a copy of the original ticket to complete the form. Once the appeal is submitted, a notification will be sent to the University Police and the Business Office so any holds on a student’s account regarding a ticket are temporarily suspended during the appeal process. Any fines regarding a traffic citation will be put on hold until the student receives written notification of the decision of the Student Traffic Appeals Committee. Once a student receives notification the appeal has been declined, he/she has 7 days to pay the ticket, otherwise be subject to late fees. Tickets may be paid at the Business Office, through Web World, or at the University Police department.  Any registration holds may take a few days to be removed once the appeal has been approved or the fine has been paid.